Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Health Benefits of Deer Antler Extract

Though deer velvet extract is seen as something new in the western countries, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for more than 2000 years. This extract is obtained from the cartilage of male deer antlers. This extract is heavy prized for its ingredients that include collagen, IGF-1 and various other mineral contents. This extract poses many advantages for athletes, who want to boost their energy, while the non-athletes consume this extract for anti-ageing benefits. Now let us look into the health benefits of consuming Antler Farms deer antler extract

 Ageing has become one of the major problems for most people. Premature ageing is caused due to various reasons. When the hormone level of IGF-1 declines, then the people grow older. As the antler deer velvet contains high concentration of IGF-1, it helps to replenishes the hormone level to slow down the ageing process. Other health benefits experienced by the users are boost in sexual function, sharper cognition, reduced inflammation, fat loss, etc. Deer velvet contains high level of collagen that helps to improve the bone joints and minimizes wrinkles. Patients, who are obese, can enjoy more benefits with the deer velvet extract. 

IGF-1 in the extract restricts the insulin’s capability to transport glucose, thereby forcing the body to use fat as source of energy. The higher level of testosterone in the deer velvet extract helps the athletes to recover quickly from the fatigue. The extract also helps the athletes to minimize the injury in joints. The benefits of deer velvet are absolutely tree and are backed by scientific tests. Many studies conducted at Russia, Asia, New Zealand and US have confirmed the health benefits of the Antler deer extract. Today, antler deer extracts are available in different forms. Capsules are the most convenient form to consume the capsule. You could find the antler velvet extract at various online and offline stores.

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