Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Kayak Transportation Methods And Carriers

Have you bought a new kayak as planned? The next thing you have to decide is how you are going to use your new kayak. There are different types of kayaks. Some are strong and difficult to transport. The rigid kayaks are cumbersome and you need a suitable vehicle to transport it. There are different vehicles to transport different types of kayaks. For example, if you have a tall vehicle, it is hard to place your kayak in the top of the roof and transport. You can use the Hullavator or the trailer and it is the best option to transport your kayak.

You can find here the different methods to move your kayak.

You can add your kayak in the after-market rack system that contains bars and feet that joins your kayak to the required vehicle. You can either use the bars separately or as the base for more kayak accessories and carriers. The rack system is the safest form of transportation for your kayaks.

The next transport method is the factory rack system. This vehicle has factory bars and it can be fitted to the kayak carriers. It is less effective since it doesn’t carry as much capacity as the after-market rack system. For heavy weight single kayak or to transport multiple kayaks you need to use a good rack system.

Foam block is the third method and in this method the foam blocks are placed in the roof of your vehicle and sandwiches the foam between the kayak and the roof. This is the popular method in practice since the foams are cheap and provide an economical transport system.  You must check twice whether the kayaks are placed safely in the roof to prevent any damages. You can use the vehicles such as cars, SUV’s and minivans, pickup trucks to transport your kayak.

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