Thursday, 30 March 2017

Wrist Straps- Strap Up For The “Pull”

Wrist straps are a blessing, in disguise of a small thin strap which helps the lifters to focus on the ‘pull’ rather than the ‘grip.' Grips can get weakened due to overwork, tiredness, etc. Here the pull helps the lifter to pull through the situation letting the grip take a back seat. Wrist straps of various types are available at the one-stop for all kinds of wrist straps and wraps at Manimal. manimal products are of high quality and are preferred by athletes over an extended period. The web page also recommends the usage of wrist straps for lifters.
To master the art of using a wrist strap is a bit tricky. But once you get the hang of it, it seems to be a part of your hand, nothing different. The wrist straps are about 1” to 1-1/2” wide and 12” to 18” in length. It is either made of leather, nylon or canvas. For the pull functions, all the materials are equally good. But for clean lift, leather would be a better option. In the clean, if rigid materials are used, then it results in straining the wrist. Leather allows more flexibility.
When to use it
Considering the case of Olympic weight lifts, in all the parts in which lifts are there, the straps can be utilized. It is employed in lifts like clean, jerk and snatches. It is mainly used for the pulls from blocks. Blocks serve the purpose of breaking down two lifts into individual ones. While practicing, the athletes can consider stacking blocks at varying heights. This helps the weight lifters to practice different positions through the motion of bar. Thus the lift at each stage can be given more importance, nullifying some elements of the full pull. The wrist strap helps in keeping the grip secure so that the bar does not slip off. While pulling, the strap secures the bar in the hands of the lifter. If the bar slips off, the pull fails. Hence, a strap is a necessity in this case.
In the case of cleans and snatches, it is better not to use straps until you have learned properly how to use it. It can be dangerous if not done in the proper way. Also, another issue is that while using straps for cleans, the lifter might have a false impression that he/she can indeed lift up the weight easily while in reality, it would be too much weight for him/her. This false sense of confidence can only be disastrous. Hence in short, always use straps when you are ready to use it and where you can indeed use it to help yourself. This when and where is quite important in the case of a wrist strap.
It is preferable that beginning lifters don’t use straps for about three months until they are used to it and developed the grip strength. Intermediate lifters can use straps in warm-up exercises and practice sessions on pulls and deadlifts. Make it a point to use them off blocks. Advanced lifters have to pay attention not to use straps suddenly after a two week break off competition. Always use a warm up, get used to it and then use straps to your convenience.