Saturday, 22 April 2017

Shoes for kids who love to climb

Children have amazing souls. They grow at an astonishing pace. The shoe that fits today is tighter by tomorrow.  Luckily, with a bit of innovation added in, climbing shoes are made quite easier to deal with according to this post. An adjustable Velcro strap across the heel pushes the foot into the shoe front- a crucial area in climbing. reveals that growing feet are always a nightmare for parents as they have to invest in purchasing shoes very often without compromising on quality every time.
Since the straps are flexible, one can tighten them when being used and loosen them as and how the child’s foot grows. Then there are large Velcro shoes available which appear on the main closure. They can be used very easily by kids to put on and taken off with a lot of precious space for adjustment. What’s more! They all come in attractive colours and patterns. And the kids absolutely love them.
Yes, climbing shoes need to be sturdy to sustain all the toil and yet be ergonomic at the same time to be comfortable on kid’s feet. In this regard, one brand comes with an increased sole rubber which holistically covers foot and toe, avoids wear and tear for a long amount of time especially when toiled up a climbing wall. Another brand of shoe has an entirely different version of sole rubber in high-wear areas. Though they are less durable, but their bright blue colour adds to a much needed funky appearance.
Rubber is an essential ingredient in any climbing shoes. Kid climbing shoes demand high variety of hard rubber compared to regular shoes. This is because many times, kids won’t feel the advantage of stickiness of rubber as they tend to stick to bigger holds. The logic is simple: harder is the rubber, stronger and longer are the durability. They sometimes last longer, even when kid’s feet have outgrown the size!
By now, there might be one question ringing in your mind. What is the price of these climbing shoes? Luckily, plenty of brands does not drill a hole in the pocket. Yes, they are budget friendly plus come in lovely colour combinations which will capture the heart of any kid.
Price and quality are always contradictory to each other according to most of the marketing gurus. However, climbing shoes in these prominent brands offer a much need balance between price and quality. A right quality at a fair price offers a real happiness for parents and good fit, and bright colours make kids happy too.
Never buy a tight fitting shoe when you purchase. Get a size bigger than usual and use thick socks. The right shoes are an important part of growing up. Wearing ill fitted shoes can cause kids to develop a limp which might lead to medical issues in the future.
If the kid is going for indoor climbing, ask other parents if they have any old pairs of climbing shoes. Probably they might be in good condition, and it may save your money!