Monday, 18 September 2017

101 On The Type Of Golf Grip You Need

Every golf player, be it a beginner or a professional, knows that the grip is vital to playing a sound game. But to do that one has to find a grip that complements the swing of the player and once it is found the player needs to get absolutely comfortable with it for consistency. If the swing and the grip don’t match, a golfer will never be able to reach his zenith. Before you go looking into buying the best grip like the OFFICIAL GRIP SPONSOR OF THE LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR 2016, you should read this 101 on the type of grip you need. After deciding upon the best grip for you take a look on to learn the best ways to clean a grip and install it.
A club grip, for those in the unknown, is the rubber part of a golf club right at the top. The perfect club grip for you will depend upon the diameter of the grip. A grip that is too big will always be loose. To compensate this, a player will have to keep a very tight hold, with fingers far apart, on the club at all times. This will lead to a weak swing. Vice-versa a club grip that has a small diameter will result in the golfer squeezing the grip to compensate for the tiny size. Again, this will lead to poor shots.
Try different grips to find the one that best fits your hold. After that has been done, practice on the tightness of your grip. This is an amateur mistake, to hold the club too firmly. The hold of the player should be snug and firm. It is not your aim to crush the club within the grip. As long as the golf club remains steady throughout the swing, your hold is firm enough. What happens if you hold the club too tightly or too loosely?
•    A Too loose grip will lead to the golf club shifting while you swing it. This will result in a shot that is incorrect.
•    A Too tight hold will cause tension in the muscles of the arm and shoulder. This will prevent a free-flowing swing essential for good shots.
The next step to the perfect grip on a club is alignment. This means the position of both the hands on the grip. A perfect alignment is needed to keep complete control over the golf club. How do you know the alignment of your hands is correct? Look for these signs – the thumb and the first finger of each hand should meet at the start to form an arrow shape. The two arrows, thus formed, should be pointed towards a position between the center of the chest and back shoulders.

Besides these points, the grip style and strength of the grip also factor in, while playing golf. Keep every aspect in mind to create the perfect club grip for you. Enjoy golfing like a pro with these tips!