Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why Our Body Needs Energy?

Our life exists on this planet because of our living cells in our wonderful architecture called the body. Like the automobile needs fuel to run on roads, our body cells need energy which is used to do various function like walking, sleeping, digesting, reading, writing on so on. Our food is nothing but glucose which contains starch, carbohydrates which produce fuel to the body. This energy is used for various actions as stated as above. Various websites with click here options offer many reasons for the title of this topic. A reader can also browse the website to find more information on this subject.
Every physical action we take in our daily life needs energy, which is supplied by our daily diet in the form of calories. Undoubtedly, energy fuels our body’s internal function as well as supports the external activities which enable us to connect us to this world.  Being one of the best nutrient water helps our body in preparing a chemical reaction that produces energy from our diet.  Here, one should remember the metabolic activities our body undergoes for our existence.
Scientists calculate the basal metabolic rate shortly known as BMR, which is known to be the minimum energy required for our bodily function. The findings have proved the fact that energy supports all the functioning system during the time of rest or sleep. It is believed that seven percent of the energy we build is used for keeping our body warm. The energy needs vary in accordance with several factors such as age, gender, body composition, body fitness, diet and other activity levels.
Like the engine in the automobiles vary in different power or composition of the design which determines the fuel consumption. In the same way, our body composition is one of the main determinants of the energy requirements. Being the largest metabolic tissue, our muscles need energy than the other parts of the body. People with more muscles need more energy in terms of calories. Men need more calories than women.  Kids and teens in the developing phase need more energy. Also, energy needs change as the people grow old because of the muscle atrophies which cause a decreasing level of basal energy metabolism.
Activities like digestion absorption of the nutrients use a good percentage of the stored energy. This activity, in turn, produces more energy. Interestingly, the composition of the diet also determines energy needs for food metabolism. Here one should know the fact that things like carbohydrates, protein and fat are digested at various rates, and hence the food composition is considered to be vital in the energy consumption. Most of the people are not aware of this basic fact while consuming foods.

Health disorders like fever, diarrhoea consume more energy. People who are considered to be active and do regular workouts need more energy than the ones who lead a sedentary lifestyle.  Getting infection also drain more energy. Our brain needs a constant supply of energy to support and protect our life. Every mental activity whether it is good or bad needs energy. Findings reveal stress and worry drain lots of energy.